Western Cowboy Horse Rider

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Did you love to play horse rider game and become an expert graceful horse rider. You are playing as an owner of the pretty horse farm. You have a wide range of different fun riding horses on your farm. You are also an expert horse rider. By playing this horse rider game you can experience the life of horse mmo farm owner and expert horse rider.

Then join this amazing horse racing game and show your skills in riding horse. You have full control of your horse simulator. You have to take care of your pretty horse food and give good and healthy food to your graceful horse. Because if your racing rival horses are healthy then the pretty horse is able to take you on his back and win different horse game competitions.
There are two different mode selections for this horse rider game.
. Fun riding career mode
.Horse rider free mode
Fun riding career mode: In this fun riding horse mode there are 10 levels. At each levels you have to perform different horse ride tasks. In this riding horse mode, you have selected your most energetic graceful horse from the horse game farm and get in the competition.

You have to clear the high jump hurdle obstacles on your fun riding horse. You have to show your horse rider skills and shoot the target on the running horse ride by your gun. Take care of your cowboy game farm animals from the wild animals and hunt the wild animals of the riding horse forest. Win the horse race by clearing the hurdle obstacle. Go to the market to get the food for your horse game farm animals then back to your horse mmo farm.

Horse rider free mode: In this horse rider free mode you are free to do anything in riding horse game. You can ride on the different pretty horse on your horse game farm and attack any wild animals in the riding horse forest with your gun and bow. In this horse rider free mode you can practice your horse riding skills and shooting skills.

You can also be converted into graceful horse and do everything like a riding horse running like a horse rider. You can ride on the flying unicorn riding horse and get a view of the whole city from the sky and clear the ring circle in the sky by riding on flying unicorn riding horse. Enjoy this amazing horse riding game.
Features of the horse rider game:

Realistic Tracks of horse rider game.

Stunning Graphics of horse simulator.

Lots of levels in the horse simulation game.

Real Horse Sounds.

Exciting Challenges for horse rider.

Amazing And Smooth Controls.

High Jump Features.

Flying unicorn riding horse

The horse rider game is an amazing game. By playing this game you can experience 3D horse riding. So what you are waiting for download this game and enjoy horse riding.